Bella Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses by Bella have remained in the marketplaces given that 2008. They were first introduced by Ibrahim Wehbe in the Middle East, Lebanon. The company name ‘BELLA’ is a combination of letters that explain lens key worth: ‘B’ for Breathable and Healthy, ‘E’ for Exceptional Vision, ‘L’ for Lens Protection, ‘L’ for Luxury, and also ‘A’ for Artistic. These are aspects that drive the firm’s vision, allowing you to be tension-free regarding the visual design as well as the high quality of the eye lenses provided by this brand.

The Diamond Collection is released by the celeb, Kim Kardashian. The group has eight dynamic and also distinct colors including Brown Shadow, Almond Grey, Caribbean Green, Allure Blonde, Glitter Gray, Pacific Blue, Gray Green, and also Gray Shadow. These lenses come with integrated 38% water web content that assists to reduce the danger of them being run out. But they still require excellent care due to the fact that if they are left and also are dried, they can harm your eyes.